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Even though not everyone thinks that acting is reacting, it is nevertheless a crucial point to keep in mind when learning how to act. This implies that you need to improve your ability to adapt to any acting situation. Concentrate all of your attention on the other actor’s lines, listening to them as carefully as you would any other person in “real life.” Even if you aren’t the major focus of the scenario, you still want to answer honestly and in the voice of your character. In order for a relationship between two performers to be credible, both must be present and actively interacting with one another. The ability to remain on stage or in front of the camera without becoming distracted by the crowd or camera is a sign of a competent actor. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even seemingly insignificant things like posture have a tremendous impact. It not only gives you a more certain appearance, but it also helps you become more immersed in the character’s world. Hunch your shoulders and move away from the group if your character is feeble or meagre. If they do anything brave, hold your head and chest high. It can be tempting to finish lines quickly when reciting them. The nuance of your job will, however, be lost if you do this. Instead, let your tempo and volume reflect the internal state of your character. Characters that are anxious or afraid tend to speak hastily and rush their sentences. The voices of angry characters will be raised, and they may speak more slowly.

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