The husband with the largest family….98 children and 568 grand children

Musa Hassaji is 67 years old; at that age, you might consider him a pensioner, but as they say, age is just a number. For the time being, if the number of children he has produced is any indication, he can be considered the father of many nations. Musa’s family is probably the biggest in his native Uganda and probably all of East Africa during times of world crises. Musa has 10 wives, 98 children, and 568 grandchildren. He is married to 10 different women. That is to say, at least nine children have been born to each of his wives. He reportedly began quite early, at age 17, rather than when he should have been in high school. His first child was a Musa offspring. The polygamous man has built small additional houses for his children around the vast compound he owns, but he shares one house with all of his wives. “Everyone you see here is a member of my family. I’ve had 98 kids with 10 different women,” he boasted. While the younger ones are still in school, some of his children are not only adults but also have children of their own. The irony of Musa’s tale is that, despite only having two children, his family struggled to make ends meet when he was born. Even though Musa was raised in utter filth and dropped out of school in Standard Six, he was still able to start a business and change his life. I became so wealthy, he claims, that every family I knocked on to ask for a bride received one right away. He continues by saying that his youngest wife, Kakazi, is younger than some of his grandchildren but that he can tell them apart even though he does not know all of their names.

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