The investigator…with Bewketu Seyoum

Pick a Fun Topic: Opt for a topic that lends itself to humour. Everyday events, odd insights, or ridiculous occurrences can make for excellent humorous material. Play with Wordplay: A vital component of comedy is wordplay. To add humour to your poem, try using puns, homophones, double meanings, and witty rhymes. Using exaggeration and hyperbole, you can exaggerate commonplace events to ludicrous lengths. Exaggeration adds a touch of hyperbole that can make people chuckle. Surprise and Incongruity: Unexpected pairings or twists can produce amusement. Putting incongruous concepts together or using them in unusual circumstances can have comic results. Timing and Rhythm: Timing is essential, just like in stand-up comedy. Improve your poem’s rhythm and timing to make the punchlines more impactful.

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