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The investor Belayneh Kinde’s speech at Wollo Front

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Ethiopia News – Belayneh Kinde Speech at Wollo, Dessie. The different sides talked about security and migration issues at line regions and approach to fortify the social trades and improve individuals to-individuals relations to a higher level. The State Minister met higher authorities of Somaliland and visited the Berbera port passage yesterday.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Liban Yusuf, Ethiopian Consul-General in Somaliland, Seid Muhumed, and representatives energetically invited Ambassador Redwan upon his landing in Egal International Airport.

During the conversation with the Acting Foreign Minister, the different sides thought approaches to continue migration benefits by regarding Covid19 Protocols at the Wuchale line. He said Ethiopia needs to augment these monetary connections to the most significant level by extending commitment in the venture, the travel industry while using the Berbera port passageway.

During his conversation with the Governor of Sahil Region, Ahmed Osman, and the Mayor of Berbera, Abdishakur Mohamud, Ambassador Redwan noticed the capability of Somaliland as an objective for Ethiopian Export items.

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