The jobs I had was a little challenging for me at first

Women play a variety of roles: spouses, mothers, grandmothers, managers, secretaries, mentors, and, most importantly, girlfriends. We are a unique species. But did you know that, between the ages of twenty and fifty, the vast majority of us “girlfriends” relocate eleven times? As a result, we require one another and a community where “everyone knows our name.” Early connection occurs. This scene will never leave my memories… I will never forget this image. At age five, six preschool friends became friends. All of the kids in this particular Sunday school class happened to be female. It was during the class period. I expected to receive the typical response—a sick granny or ill pet—when I asked if anyone had any prayer requests. Lydia lifted her hand, a tiny little thing with enormous brown eyes that were filled with tears. She got up from her seat and walked over to me, holding out her hand and asking, “I need you to pray.” “They took away my best doll in the entire world. Please ask God to help me get her back. She captured the interest of every girlfriend in the room with that last sentence. Who stole your toy, huh? I said softly. She narrated a story that touched my heart and inspired the other people as tears streamed down her face as she spoke. The first person to leave her seat and place a small hand on Lydia’s shoulder was Amber. The other girls imitated her behavior. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pray because I had such a lump in my throat. I wasn’t required to. While Amber prayed for her girlfriend, I observed five young ladies holding each other while their eyes were tightly shut. Lydia needs your aid, God, to quit sucking her thumb. She needs her doll back, and it is incredibly difficult.

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