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The journalist’s comment and Alarusi’s response

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The surprising remark from the Egyptian writer and Mohammed Alarusi’s astounding reaction. The key is our participation, solidarity, and vital strategy. Truth be told, we haven’t been applying the greatest endeavors on the discretionary front,” Aregawi underscored.

An analyst at the Institute of Technology of Addis Ababa University, Professor Daniel Kitaw said on his part that Egypt had tried sincerely and prevailing with regards to obstructing different monetary backings from global foundations like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

As Ethiopians the country over are focused on understanding the uber project, in any case, they raised millions and assembled the dam. This involves picking improvement or remaining in neediness, the educator pushed.

Understanding the GERD is past creating power, Professor Daniel expressed, adding that it is an image of the ability to conquer neediness. As indicated by him, the pressing factor of the western nations on Ethiopia comes from uneven discretionary impact from Egypt.

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