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The kind of love you should avoid

We might as well take care of that one first. Eros is sexual or erotic or ardent love. Often, it’s all about need, and it’s more about the person who’s feeling sexually appealing than the person or thing that is the object of that affection. It is habit-forming. It can produce enormous happiness and great sadness. It is not always beneficial. On Valentine’s Day, more hearts are broken due to unfulfilled sensual love. It can be the love between partners who have been together for a long time and are no longer as passionate and smitten. It is sometimes known as brotherly love, as in Philadelphia. The city of comradeship. Certainly, it might be sisterly love, which is an embracing form of companionship. This is a love that is beneficial to your health. The contact of a beloved. The philia touch has a blood pressure-lowering effect. People in loving relationships who experience your affection have fewer doctor visits, shorter hospital stays, less pain, and greater happiness. All of these benefits of philia love and loving friendships make us more robust when adversity strikes. This type of love is most familiar to moms, yet it is rarely discussed when discussing love. It is parental affection for their offspring. It is described as the purest kind of affection. Natural in that there is no rusting present. It is emoted because we cannot stop ourselves, and it is unconcerned with the person’s loveworthiness.

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