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The kind of poses you shouldn’t use when taking a picture

Learning how to position for a selfie will improve your appearance in the photo far more than any camera app. On Instagram, a search for #selfie returns over 122 million photographs. However, taking a flattering photo of yourself while also holding the camera might be tough at times. Here are some suggestions for how to hold your camera or phone while taking a “selfie.” A photo of a person’s face quickly comes to mind when I think of a selfie. A selfie, on the other hand, is any photograph of yourself taken by you. Why not photograph your feet, especially if you want to highlight a new pair of shoes? Selfies have the disadvantage of having a cluttered and distracting background. Also, the individual in the photo is frequently reaching out to hold the phone. Cropping in tight on your face in the shot will fix both of these issues. One advanced technique is to hold your phone closer to your face, which will highlight elements that are closest to the lens and downplay those that are farther away. As a result, your nose will appear longer and your eyes will appear smaller. Are you looking for something different? No, I don’t believe so.

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