The kinds of men we are attracted to

Your attraction to a certain types of men reveals a lot about your personality. Even though we don’t like to generalize about anyone, you might discover a pattern in the types of people you find attractive, whether they are bad boys, all-around nice guys, or someone in the middle. Therefore, you are unable to resist the overly flirtatious men. You are aware that they are known for playing games and that they flirt with everyone, but you adore the way they make you feel when they are paying you attention. Your preference reveals both your outgoing nature and your desire for social acceptance. You enjoy playing the game with big flirts because they are the most entertaining types of men to be around; the fun of it outweighs the fact that he’s been on the “dating block” a few times. However, you also harbor a secret desire to win the respect and acceptance of those around you. particularly boys. You are constantly drawn to the sweet-natured men. They are compassionate, reserved, modest, and incredibly loving. Your personality is probably similar to this when you’re drawn to sweet guys: on the plus side, you’re fairly intelligent. The nice guys are usually the ones who will treat you well and are generally trustworthy. However, your selection of men also suggests that you are not a big risk-taker or thrill-seeker. The nice guy is not only a wise choice, but also a secure one. Motorcycles. slick narcissism Daredevils. Despite the fact that you know better, all of these things have the power to make you swoon.

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