The largest wedding in Addis Ababa with more than 7500 guests

Following these guidelines for wedding spending will help you avoid being broke and alone at the end of your marriage. Given that at least 12 hours are spent at most on wedding ceremonies in America and that about half of marriages eventually end in divorce, it is advisable to spend as little as possible on a wedding in case everything doesn’t work out. After ten years, if you’re still in love and significantly wealthier, you can afford to lavishly fund your wedding party. This is the time to get married again, invite your close family and friends, and celebrate without worrying about money as much. Beginning the process of planning a wedding can be utterly overwhelming. While many people have spent a lot of time considering the details of how their ideal wedding will be organized, most people haven’t given much thought to the budget. When you start considering guest lists, venues, and photographers, it can be challenging to determine how big to set your budget goal, especially if you’ve never had to do any of this before. One of the most challenging wedding planning tasks is breaking down your wedding budget. It’s critical to develop a precise budget for the big day because this sum affects every other choice, including the venue, guest list, meal choices, and whether you can afford that expensive DJ. Whatever your starting point, consider splitting your wedding budget into “for you” and “for them” categories. A guest list informs the majority of your costs, so that’s where a budget starts. Be prepared to spend the majority of your budget (roughly 40%) on providing the venue, food, and beverages that guests will need.

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