The life history of the lovely Meskerem Abera

You can’t just go out and find forever love or come across it on the street. You won’t come across it when getting to know someone for the first time. Contrary to popular belief, “love at first sight” is more of a physical attraction on the first date of a relationship. Love that lasts forever develops over time. It can only be attained if you consciously choose to remain in a relationship no matter what. Even if the initial attraction wanes, it requires dedication to the relationship and your partner. It occurs when your relationship has a solid foundation of trust and you are certain that you will always be committed to loving the other person. Going through the stages of love is the only way to arrive at the point of eternal love. In actuality, forever love is all of the highs and lows that come after that “fairy tale ending” on the last page. When your relationship first starts, everything is fresh, exciting, and seems positive. When it’s discovered, everything runs smoothly, you’re enthusiastic, and you’re satisfied. The next step is to make a commitment to one another and begin creating a life together. The stage of challenges in life is then overcome. At this point, a lot of people decide to end the relationship and reject love. Many divorces take place in this situation when a couple realizes they “just don’t love each other anymore.” This is a mistake because you won’t have enduring love until you get past this stage. You won’t find a lasting relationship if you consistently walk away from relationships rather than working through this phase.

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