The life story of model and tv host Lula Gezu

Have you got the look? There are many beautiful people in the world, so being a model isn’t just about having a good appearance or being “pretty.” There should be something distinctive about the way you look or the way you’re built if you’re serious about getting into modeling. It might be a distinguishing feature, like Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark, the way your dimples appear when you smile, the way your chin or nose are shaped, which gives your face depth, or some other special characteristic. Accept this. It will be what distinguishes you from other models in the field. When it comes to common traits that are crucial for anyone looking to break into modeling, height is probably the most crucial physical quality for the majority of models, with 5’7″ typically being the minimum requirement. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule (Kate Moss comes to mind), but this is a good place to start when figuring out if you’re cut out for the modeling business. Runway models need to be at least 5’8″ tall for women and 6’0″ for men. Having the right appearance is more crucial for editorial modeling than being tall or having a lean body on its own. It’s more important for convention/promotional models to have a likable personality and the capacity to serve as a brand spokesperson. Different types of modeling have different requirements, so you should know what kind of modeling you want to do before you start. Do you plan to be on the runway? Do you prefer to attend private events over appearing in magazines? For instance, there has been an increase in plus-sized models in the industry recently, as well as development in other niche markets like models with tattoos. There are many subcategories that fall under the larger modeling umbrella, so your appearance can help determine which area of modeling you will fit best into. Keep in mind that becoming a model requires more than just being tall, thin, and well-posed. It entails recognizing your own strengths, maximizing them, and seeking out the kind of work that is most suited to you.

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