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The love story that started with shoe shining

It is important to remember that all relationships have their ups and downs, but the benefits they provide far outweigh the drawbacks. Couples may experience strain because of these issues, but how they deal with them can either strengthen or weaken their relationship. Because stressors come from so many different places, working through marital issues in a healthy way can be extremely difficult. One of the most common sources of marital strife is an inability to agree on how to divide the household finances. As a general rule, when a couple has a disagreement over money, it’s a sign of a deeper problem, such as a power struggle, a difference in values, or something else that relates to money.
Nevertheless, in times of economic difficulty, financial stress can actually cause more general stress, more conflict over non-financial matters and as well as money-centered arguments themselves. This can lead to unintentional fights between partners if one of them is under a lot of financial stress. Children can be an additional source of strain and conflict in a marriage. As wonderful and meaningful as children are, they can also add stress to a marriage because they necessitate more responsibility and a shift in roles, which can lead to more arguments and strain. The amount of time you have to spend together as a couple decreases when you have children. Strong ties will be put to the test when this combination is used. There is no need for daily stressors to equal marital problems, but they can exacerbate existing issues. Having had a stressful day, one partner may arrive home impatient, less skilled at handling conflict, and lacking in emotional energy to nurture their relationship. This is only exacerbated if both partners have had a bad day.

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