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The magician girl elongated Eshetu’s hand

Let’s face it: some of the behaviors that children exhibit as they battle with behavioral and maturity concerns and handle scholastic and social demands can be rather disturbing. My wife went back to work full-time. After serving bravely for seven years in the trenches of child warfare on the not-so-tropical resort island known as Imagoing to Pullmyhairout, she joined the ranks of the millions who deserve a “Stay-at-home Mom” Medal of Honor. From a recovering Mr. Mom, this site is dedicated to all of you stay-at-home moms. The delights of being a parent, oh, the joys of being a parent, oh, the joys of being a parent, oh, the joys of being a parent, oh The highs include cuddles from your children, belly laughs, and moments you know you’ll keep forever. Traveling throughout the country, teaching, and interacting with parents and educators from all walks of life has persuaded me that we are on the verge of losing the child. The notion that being a small child with tiny kid interests and, most importantly, needs has some value appears to have faded from popularity. Young children are increasingly being discussed as commodities to “invest” in for future rewards. Parents seem to be curating their children’s life experiences in ways that previous generations would find unusual and even dismal.

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