The making of Fikreaddis new music video

Want to increase your audience and monetize your music? We’ve collaborated with music video experts and visual jockeys to compile our top 10 suggestions for killer music videos. You’ll have all the information you need to present your next track in a matter of seconds. When you’re finished, visit RotorVideos.com to practice your newly acquired skills. Every successful music video begins with a fantastic song. When you evaluate your track, be honest with yourself (and your bandmates). Also, ask other musicians or producers you respect for their honest opinions. Bold visual elements can be a very effective way to grab people’s attention, and the Rotor library has over 500 video art and visual clips, so you can start making a music video right away. More abstract content might fit your music’s style better. An image collection that captures the mood of your music video is called a mood board. You can use images, color swatches from movies, brand elements, or anything else that will help you visualize and communicate how the video will appear and feel. Your video’s shapes and components, like its color scheme, also tell a story. Urban streets feel different from beaches and balloons, for instance. Choose footage that will support your color scheme and storyline while fitting the mood of your video.

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