The man who has a blue skin

American Paul Karason, born in Bellingham, Washington, died on September 23, 2013, and over the course of nearly ten years, his skin turned a purple-blue color. When Karason appeared on Today in 2008, she first rose to fame. In an effort to heal his dermatitis, acid reflux, and other difficulties, he applied a colloidal silver solution to his face using a handmade silver chloride colloid, which caused his skin to turn blue. He asserted that it treated his pain and acid reflux. Until around 1993, Karason had pale skin and freckles; afterwards, his complexion started to take on the bluish tint connected with argyria. The problem was ongoing. In search of more social acceptance, Karason relocated from Oregon to the Central Valley hamlet of Madera in the summer of 2007. He claimed that he was quite reclusive. While battling prostate cancer and a heart issue by 2012, Karason had lost his home. Later, he relocated to Bellingham’s homeless shelter. After suffering a heart attack, pneumonia, and a severe stroke in 2013, Karason passed away. He had a triple bypass operation in 2008 and smoked a lot. At the time of his passing, he and his wife were no longer together. Until his passing, Karason continued to utilize colloidal silver.

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