The man with the largest family has 102 children and 568 grandchildren

Population growth in our nation is now a political as well as a social concern. This is talked about every day. But when you read about a man’s large family in Africa, you’ll be shocked. Not one, not two, but twelve wives belong to this man. From these 12 wives, he has up to 102 kids. Your eyes will widen as you read how many grandchildren this person has. He has finally made the crucial choice after 12 wives, 102 children, and 568 grandchildren. This person is a farmer by trade and is raising 102 kids. Musa Hasahya is the name of the farmer in Uganda. The world is abuzz with talk of Musa’s enormous family. He has finally instructed all of his wives to use birth control pills after having such a large family. Age 67 is Musa’s. He made this choice because he is having trouble providing for his family. “My family’s income is dropping as a result of rising living expenses. “I have made this decision because my family has grown so much that my income cannot support them all,” said Musa. Musa resides in the Ugandan city of Lusaka, where it is legal to wed more than one woman. Because of this, he kept getting married, and as of right now, he is married to a total of 12 women. He was talking about how a man could be content with just one woman. It’s interesting to note that Musa’s twelve wives all reside in the same home. In order to keep an eye on them, Musa chose to keep them all together. Julika, his youngest spouse, has eleven kids. Their children range in age from 6 to 51 years old, or one-third of them. He works in the fields with all of these kids.

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