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The marriage of Samson and Dagmawit

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Her Akron-based business Bereka Coffee has been around since 2016.

She’s been simmering and selling espresso and keeping the custom of the Coffee Ceremony alive that she learned as a young lady while being brought up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Beside sharpening her espresso abilities and growing a business, Street likewise has been investigating and reconnecting with Ethiopian dishes.

She’s been engaging loved ones for quite a long time by serving espresso (obviously) and attempting to consummate these customary plans from her youth.

The Doro Wot Atikilt Chicken Vegetable menu thing to be offered by Bereka Kitchen by visitor culinary specialist Nardos Street this end of the week at Akron’s NoHi Pop-up.

“I grew up aiding my mother getting ready dinners for our family,” she said. “Living in a nearby family circle, I watched my mother and my grandmas giving warm heavenly Ethiopian dishes without any preparation consistently.”

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