The marriage that lasted only 15 days

The most painful experience you may have is learning that someone you love is deceiving you. This can leave you feeling betrayed, lonely, and confused. Being lied to in a relationship can cause especially severe anguish because it can cause you to lose faith in both your partner and other people. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you’re not alone and that there are useful techniques for handling the pain and moving on. Because they don’t feel safe around their spouses, people lie to them. As a result, they lie to someone to keep themselves safe from harm or to avoid a confrontation. Sometimes they do it to keep control of the relationship or because they fear losing you. Being fooled in a relationship can sometimes be the consequence of someone being tired of the relationship and being willing to do whatever it takes to end it or just not being loyal to it. Accepting information at face value without examining its authenticity or correctness is one of the things that helps deception. Additionally, a person’s emotional state may lead to deception. A person’s judgement may be clouded by strong emotions like fear, wrath, or enthusiasm, making them more vulnerable to deception. To accomplish the results they want, people who want to deceive someone may play on their targets’ emotions. In the end, there are many other reasons besides those covered here why individuals may be fooled.

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