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The memorial program for Mesfin Getachew

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Regardless of whether he passes on, don’t say he is dead, the remembrance program for Artist Mesfin Getachew. Sew le sew is an Ethiopian TV dramatization arrangement created by Bisrat Gemechu, Mesfin Getachew, Daniel Haile, and Solomon Alemu, and is composed by Tamiru Birhanu, Mesfin Getachew, Nebiyu Tekalegn, and Solomon Alemu Feleke. It initially circulated on 16 March 2011 on EBC, previously known as ETV. The arrangement was closed with its first season on 23 July 2014.

This dramatization starts with a high society family. The family comprises of Mesfin and his cherished spouse Mahlet and their child Biruk. Mesfin and Mahlet battle with a wretched character by the name of Asnake. He is an old companion of Mesfin’s, however all through time, Mesfin begins to understand the seriousness of Asnake’s detestable activities. The antagonism Asnake produces makes an enormous range of bedlam, disturbing Mesfin’s family as well as the groups of numerous others.

He has covered up criminal records of a few criminal operations, for example, sneaking merchandise and illegal tax avoidance, and the police have missed the mark to discover them. Mesfin’s child Biruk experiences passionate feelings for Mechanic, a young lady who has a sibling named Tamerat and an excessively defensive mother. Through a progression of occasions, Asnake winds up sending one of his partners in crime to execute Tamerat by gagging him to death just outside of Mesfin’s home. This single occasion is the thing that pushes the story forward and makes various peripheral storylines (short Sosina and Adunya). Biruk, Mesfin’s child, winds up being dishonestly reprimanded for the homicide of Tamerat.

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