The monastery that makes people confess sins

Located in the North Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region, northwest of Addis Ababa, lies the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo monastery known as Debre Libanos. Debre Atsbo was the name under which it was created by Saint Tekle Haymanot in 1284. In the fifteenth century, Debre Libanos was the new name. He spent 29 years in meditation in a cave above the present monastery. Situated in the Mehakelegnaw Zone in the northern Tigray Region of Ethiopia, approximately five kilometers east of Adwa, stands the Ethiopian Orthodox church known as Abba Garima Monastery. Built by King Gabra Masqal, it was founded in the sixth century by Abba Garima, one of the Nine Saints. An Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church monastery is located in Debre Bizen. situated close to the Eritrean village of Nefasit, at the summit of Debre Bizen. Numerous significant Ge’ez manuscripts can be found in its library. Two or three senior monks are also appointed as counselors by the Abbe Minet in large monasteries like Debre Bizen and Debre Libanos of Shoa. Situated on the Zege peninsula in Lake Tana in Ethiopia, Ura Kidane Mehret is a round church belonging to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It is a component of the Convent of Mercy complex. It is regarded as the most beautiful church in the Lake Tana area by at least one source.

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