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The monk who build a monastery for 30 years

Our deepest need is to love and be loved. Because of this, we value our personal relationships and make time and effort sacrifices to maintain them. Good two-way communication and service are essential components that sustain our bonds with friends, family, and coworkers. A relationship with God is the same. Our relationships with the people in our lives are not the same as our relationships with God. For example, those folks might seem more approachable. Even though we might not be able to communicate with God directly, we can all have a more loving and meaningful relationship with Him than we do with anyone else. Communication is the most effective way to establish and preserve a relationship with anyone, including God. Serving others is one of the finest ways to show God how much you love him. Remember that God is a Heavenly Father who loves His children, even if that seems contradictory. When we reciprocate each other’s love, He is appreciative. This account of a group of men who helped a single woman for years may encourage you to do the same. Initially hesitant to lend a hand, the men gradually discovered that showing selflessness brought them happiness in addition to making God happy. You can have faith that everything that inspires you to follow Jesus Christ and live.

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