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The moon and women’s health

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According to Tom, there are three guideline habits by which the Moon impacts life: time, tides, and light.

‘For certain animals, particularly birds, the Moon is principal for development and course. The other will time their engendering to coordinate with the specific times of the lunar cycle.’

There is furthermore a whole universe of intriguing changes relating to tides and the exceptional properties of nightfall.

On the lunar clock

It’s possible you’ve thought about circadian rhythms. They suggest day and night cycles are driven by Earth circumnavigating the Sun. Human circadian rhythms are easily lost by fly leeway or a distinction in the watches.

To keep them driving the right way, sand holders pass on two compasses to help them with bearing and course on the beach.

Tom explains, ‘They have a sun compass to them and a Moon compass in their getting wires, so they know to stay covered during the day and can look gainfully during the night at low tide.’

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