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The most highly guarded world’s 5 billionaires

Personal protection officers, often known as bodyguards, are thought to be the domain of royalty, celebrities, and politicians alike, protecting them against kidnappings and attempted killings. But since the population of wealthy people continues to rise, bodyguards are also needed for a wider variety of clientele. But what really makes someone deserving of protection, you might wonder? You’re about to learn. We’ll be taking a look at the top five most guarded billionaires in the world as of 2022 today. Although impressive, the Queen’s security personnel are a bit of a mixed bag. The recognizable tall-hatted queens’ guard is the most recognizable and well-known line of her defense. Although some tourists mistake the royal guards for a joke because of their extravagant marching displays and unwavering poker faces, they are far from that and can really mess you up if you go too far. Compared to the Queen’s guard and their toy outfits, security guards at Buckingham Palace are more traditional and on duty throughout the clock. A security guard once came dangerously close to shooting the Queen as she was out for a late-night promenade. However, the royal protection squad is called upon when it is necessary to keep her royal Highness secure. This elite Scotland unit, which reputedly numbers up to 185 specially trained operatives with varying degrees of “James Bondness,” was established in 1983. They are in charge of providing round-the-clock security for the diplomats in London, the Queen, and the rest of the royal family.

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