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The most talked Rahel Getu’s Ethiopiaye music

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Ethiopia – The most talked about Rahel Getu’s Ethiopiaye music. The organization said that after over 10 years of investigation work, an application was submitted in close discourse with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Akobo added that continuous effective penetrating and a high-grade mineral asset from Segele upholds its view that mining will be a significant and fundamental piece of the organization’s future.

The Minister of Mines Takele Uma said, “We are helping out Etno Mining/Akobo Minerals to settle the mining permit one week from now, the primary seven-day stretch of the Ethiopian New year. Etno Mining has worked constantly since the start of its investigation exercises.”

The digging permit region applied for covers a huge piece of the current investigation permit. A huge scope mining permit is ordinarily conceded for an underlying time of 20 years, then, at that point for an extra 10 years, Akobo clarified in its assertion.

The organization said that with the award of the mining permit, it will get a drawn-out activity for the following 20 years and the chance to proceed with the investigation function as it begins arrangements for mining tasks.

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