“The motivator” Besinitu comedy drama chapter 01 episode 50

When working to be satisfied with oneself, there are a lot of barriers that might get in the way. How you feel and think about yourself is one of the hardest things to change. Those who struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression frequently have negative thoughts. You may develop an unfavourable self-view as a result of these unfavourable ideas, which will keep you from experiencing happiness. So, if you have a poor opinion of yourself, what can you do to change it and strengthen your feeling of self-worth? Some people advise ignoring these kinds of thoughts, although doing so might have negative long-term effects. You don’t address the underlying cause of unpleasant sentiments about yourself if you ignore or bury them. It’s crucial to speak or reflect on your negative self-perceptions. This does not imply that you should let them affect your life! Instead, focus on trying to comprehend the reasons behind your negative self-perception. Knowing why you feel a certain way can help you take the necessary actions to modify those feelings, so while self-reflection is difficult, it brings you closer to solving whatever challenge you’re facing. After assessing your negative ideas, make an effort to let them go. These thoughts will only keep bringing you down if you hang onto them.

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