The multitalented Dere Mak on Enzert

Making the most of your natural talents and learning how to use them to your advantage is a part of personal growth. However, improvement only comes with practice, so if you don’t invest the time necessary, you can find yourself staying at a poor level in an area where you would like to excel. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Immerse yourself in routine tasks that will help you to develop your talent over time. The best way to master your craft is to practice it frequently and learn every aspect of it. Create the conditions for mastering it. Find your weaknesses. Despite your inherent talents, you will still have certain drawbacks. Make it a point to concentrate on whatever challenges you face in developing your talent and to obsess over them until they vanish. Seek out some inspiration. To learn how others have made it to the top, watch videos or research the background of your craft. When you are the best at what you do, look ahead; daydreaming about future successes will keep you inspired amid the present-day grind. Take on a guru. Finding a mentor or someone who is already an expert in the talent you want to perfect can greatly improve your skills. Act eager to learn and grateful for their time; the teachings they give to you will be invaluable to the process. Most people enjoy sharing their knowledge and teaching others.
Set daily goals. Set daily objectives that will advance you from where you were yesterday, no matter how busy you are at work or around the house. Repeat the objectives in a way that will help you fully master each phase; avoid getting ahead of yourself and potentially not laying a strong foundation for your successes.

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