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The new project by Siye Abreha and others

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During preliminary races, the choice was made by competitors and mentors. In the interim, 10 men and 10 ladies were chosen and shipped off the Olympic Committee. Following the Olympic Committee’s choice to diminish the number of competitors, six from each of the genders, competitors including Kenenisa, were chosen and screened.

As per the mentors, Kenenisa was missing from the training and had leg torment. In this way, a competitor, who has not been engaged with any of the preliminary races and arrangements can’t be remembered for the group. Then again, Kenenisa himself has acknowledged the choice, saying if the alliance doesn’t endorse me, the competitors should rehearse tranquility.

As indicated by the necessities set by the EAF for mentors, schooling, experience, and the number of competitors the mentor has in the determination are vital. The training and experience of three mentors of his competitors chose and another who has one chosen couldn’t measure up. A mentor who has just a single competitor with experience and training can’t be picked by a picked many mentor competitors. The National Federation offered need to competitors who could win gold at the Olympics.


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