The new young man who sounds like the legendary Tilahun Gessesse

One of the most well-known Ethiopian artists of the 20th century was the singer Tilahun Gessesse. Known for his tenor voice, he earned the moniker “The Voice” in the 1960s, the “Golden Age” of his nation. Tilahun was a well-known vocalist whose contributions to Ethiopian music are considered a legacy. In addition to being well-liked, he donated money for relief efforts during the famines of the 1970s and 1980s and won the nation’s affection. He was also honoured with a lifetime achievement award from the Ethiopian Fine Art and Mass Media Prize Trust and a PhD from Addis Abeba University. Tilahun went to school at Ras Gobena Elementary in Waliso, the town where his grandfather resided. His interest in music became more and more apparent as time passed. Tilahun was initially employed by the Hager Fikir Association in Addis Abeba, which is today known as Hager Fikir Theatre. He spent some time at the Hager Fikir Theatre before joining the Imperial Bodyguard Band, where he rose to the position of lead singer. Tilahun had friction with the Ethiopian government while he was a member of the band as a result of an Imperial Bodyguard coup attempt in December 1960. He was detained and spent some time in jail. Tilahun relocated to the National Theatre, where he continued to have success. In the 1960s, his tenor singing was recognised as the best Ethiopian pop voice. He came in front of Emperor Haile Selassie I three times due to his popularity. The Emperor gave him advice while he was there.

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