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the other tallest man in Ethiopia

Asrat Fana is Ethiopia’s tallest man. He has a height of 2.5 meters (7.2 f). For the past two decades, he has lived in the United States. To enter the United States, he was awarded a diversity visa. He is currently 58 years old and resides in Seattle, where he talks about his time in Ethiopia. “There was a moment when I lived fairly happily in Ethiopia for ten years without a work,” Asrat Fana recalls. His emotionally heated, piercing voice reflects his enthusiasm for Ethiopia. He appears to be in good health, though. He claims to be happy with his current circumstances and life. He expresses disgust for the current expanding ethnic gap, which has a constitutional basis, in his message about loving one another. Balahu was later captured by a gang of bandits wreaking havoc on Addis Ababa’s outskirts. Despite reports that he was arrested for murdering his love rival in a love affair, he was brought before the Supreme Court to face charges. Balahu’s unusual height (7 feet 5 inches) caught the emperor’s attention, and he decided to free him and name him the “Imperial Umbrella Carrier of the Lion of Judah.” Balahu, who was born in Ethiopia in 1910 and was shackled in front of the emperor at the time, would now carry the emperor’s massive umbrella during ceremonies. But that wasn’t the end of it. He was also named Drum Major of the Imperial Fanfare, the most prestigious position in the Ethiopian empire.

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