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The passing of musician Dawit Frew in Italy

Since the music business has always been cutthroat, many aspiring musicians question whether they have what it takes to “make it.” Making music for enjoyment isn’t all that difficult, but turning that hobby into a career is a completely different story. Despite some chance, becoming a successful musician requires equal amounts of commitment, perseverance, and practise. We’re giving this the top slot because it might be the most crucial item on the list. Even well-known musicians who seem to come overnight have spent years, if not decades, painstakingly planning and preparing for that moment. Whether you sing or play the violin, take daily tiny steps to get better at what you do. Being a professional musician involves a lot of improvisation—some musicians spend more time improvising than performing pieces from a score! Additionally, learning it is among the most terrifying and challenging activities. Start by requesting assistance from your teacher to develop your improvisational abilities. It’s crucial to keep in mind that different musicians improvise in various ways when it comes to music. This is why it could be helpful to get improvisation tips from a range of musicians, including your teacher. The best musicians sometimes make the error of believing they have learnt everything there is to know. This is incorrect, even for Grammy-winning artists who regularly sell out the biggest arenas on earth. The acquisition of information and concepts that advance their

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