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The people of Korem and Alamata marched in protest

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Day by day Ethiopian news update 13 July 2021. In a press articulation gave today, the Ministry of Foreign Affair noticed that “there is no upright nor lawful ground to legitimize the unfavorable reception of a politically spurred goal.” It is to be reviewed that the public authority had consented to the sending of the joint examination group made out of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to ask into basic liberties infringement purportedly dedicated during the emergency in Tigray.

As indicated by the assertion, the joint group initiated its examination in May this year and is required to settle its work in August 2021. Furthermore, examinations are being extended in scope by organizing the endeavors of the tactical equity framework, local law requirement specialists, and government agents and investigators.

Despite this, the proposition was advanced by the European Union at the 47th Session of the Human Rights Council. The Government of Ethiopia has been engaging for the withdrawal of the goal on the reason that first, it is untimely, and second, it meddles with and subverts the trustworthiness of the continuous joint examinations, the press articulation explained.

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