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The person who recorded the patriarch’s video broke his silence

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In an official statement it shipped off FBC, the joint Peace and Security Task Force expressed that proof shows that the suspects have associations with outer components, and were getting monetary and calculated help from these external powers. As per the Task Force, the suspects are individuals from TPLF and Shene bunches that have been as of late assigned by the parliament as fear monger associations. An enormous amount of cash that was being moved to the supposed fear-monger individuals through Bole International Airport and other exchange instruments has been blocked by the joint security constrain, it is shown in the explanation.

The assertion demonstrates that more than 305,000 USD and in excess of 2 Million Birr have been seized by the joint security power regarding the arranged psychological oppressor assaults. A few endeavored fear monger assaults have been so far frustrated by the team which is embraced close firm counterterrorism exercises in a joint effort with the local area, it is expressed. Joint Task Force expressed that nearby examinations are being done to find individuals and associations inside and outside the country that are supposedly supporting the psychological oppressor bunches monetarily and strategically.

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