The phenomenon Teamir Gizaw before and after

Teamir Gizaw is unquestionably a rising talent in Ethiopian music. Minewa, her track, has received nearly half a million views on YouTube. Teamir was born in the city of Agaro, near the town of Jimma. She lives close to Prime Minister Abiy Ahimed Ali’s house. Mihret Gizaw, Teamir’s twin sister, was born alongside her. Her family gave her the nickname “Tima” as a way of expressing their love for her.
Teamr Gizaw, a musician, shocked her mother on stage. She sang a song for her mother during her live performance. She told the BBC that a lottery system and a system that tracks and recalls the history of repairs were two of the Samaritans’ proposals that failed not draw the attention of investors.

“They have not been issued owing to policy or financial constraints,” the Samaritan said when questioned why these services did not reach the user. She then put her ability to use technology to solve a community problem to the test for the third time. She recalls working alone, as a salesperson, and handling her own accounting.

She worked as a single mother, leaving her house at 6:00 a.m. and returning home at 6:00 p.m. She recalls being concerned about the security of the contractors she engaged to enter her home following the fall.

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