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The pleading of families of engineer Simegnew

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“For the good of God, don’t call his name let him find happiness in the hereafter” – The arguing of groups of architect Simegnew. Specialist Simegnew was brought into the world on 13 September 1964 and died on 26 July 2018. Before turning into the Chief Project Manager for GERD, Engineer Simegnew dealt with the development of two other significant dam projects – Gilgel Gibe I and Gilgel Gibe II dams.

Individuals who realized Engineer Simegnew depicted him as somebody who was very energetic. He had dedicated as long as he can remember to Ethiopia’s future by contributing what he could, which was his designing abilities. Designer Simegnew’s demise started dissents in Addis Ababa requesting equity for what they accepted was his death. A huge number of individuals assembled in Meskel Square and along Menelik II Avenue in Addis Ababa to observe his burial service parade heading towards Kidest Selassie Church on 29 July 2018.

Eventually, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam rose from the banks of the Blue Nile River to turn into the construction that the Engineer consistently imagined. Architect Simegnew would have been very glad to see the GERD complete the principal period of its development and see the beginning of filling of the supply.

As of now, we at WeAspire might want to recall the gigantic commitment made by Engineer Simegnew in the development of the GERD, and offer our colossal thanks to him and his family. May his spirit Rest in Eternal Peace.

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