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The priest with the white long bread tells about Ethiopia’s future

The Ethiopian Orthodox ‘Tewahedo’ Church is particularly famous for its cultural influence. Many Ethiopians take pride in the fact that their countrymen practised Christianity long before it was widely spread in the West. They are also quick to note that they are the only African country that did not have European colonisers introduce them to Christianity. In fact, in 333 CE, Ethiopia was one of the first nations to declare Christianity to be the official state religion. Ethiopian culture is largely religious. As a result, apostasy or conversion is fiercely discouraged in many families and communities. However, there is often a high level of tolerance and respect for religious difference. One of the earliest and oldest Christian organisations in the world is the Ethiopian Orthodox “Tewahedo” Church. It is frequently seen as the nation’s traditional religion and has a strong connection to national identity. Faith has a crucial role in both the majority of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians’ daily lives and sense of self. Orthodox Ethiopians share the belief of all Christians in the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They also follow customary Orthodox rituals and practises, with the Eucharist and the Feast of the Epiphany serving as the most significant events.

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