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The problem at Eid celebrations

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The principal religions in Ethiopia are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Paganism. Ethiopia is an overwhelmingly Christian country and most Christians are Orthodox Toothed Christians, who have a spot with the Ethiopian Orthodox Toothed Church. There are a minority of Christians who are Roman Catholic or Protestant. The Ethiopian Orthodox Toothed Church is passing by a patriarch and is related to the cooperation of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Armenian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, and the Sankara Orthodox Church of India.

Christianity began in Ethiopia when two Syrian Christians (Fresenius and Aedissius) came to Assam and started to illuminate people with respect to Jesus Christ and the Christian certainty. Fresenius and Aedissius affected King Azana, who administered Assam in the early piece of the fourth century, and viably transformed him over to Christianity. Following King Azana changed over to Christianity, he officially proclaimed Christianity as the central certainty of his domain in 341 AD and mentioned Fresenius to go to Alexandria where he was an honored pastor under the name of ABBA Selma by the Patriarch of Alexandria in 346 AD.

The Assume domain accepted Judaism and the Law of Moses during the standard of King Menelik, offspring of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba, and a while later got Christianity as rule trust in 341 AD. The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon and the excursion by a high power (eunuch) to Jerusalem not long after the destruction of Christ shows that the Ethiopians had close relationship with the Israelites and Jerusalem. From here on out Ethiopia has been seeing both Old and New Testament practices.

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