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The program held to remember Journalist Ketema and to help his family

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Columnist Ketema Hailemariam has worked for over 20 years in the previous Ethiopian Radio and Television Corporation, presently the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. The Prominent columnist Ketema Hailemariam has been a senior manager, supervisor, and moderator of FM Addis 97.1 since 2003.

The station is known for its live inclusion of current undertakings and a one-on-one music data program on Saturday mornings. As well as creating normal programming and news reports, in the same way as other different writers, Ketema was a favorable to individuals columnist who tuned in to the day by day issues of the local area, suggested extreme conversation starters to applicable authorities, and put it all on the line to tackle issues.

From Entoto Amba Minimedia to Ethiopian Radio, he has worked on different projects on FM Addis 97.1. The voice of individuals was an expert, valiant, and proficient contender who contended that we ought to be the language of individuals.

Allow us to help the offspring of writer Ketema Hailemariam, who lost their mom and father in only a half year!! The kids are 10 and 6 years of age. allow us to connect and accomplish something great!! This GoFundMe account has been set up to help Ketema Hailemariam’s kids notwithstanding the Commercial Bank and Abyssinia Bank accounts opened to bring assets up in the country.

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