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The questions raised from the Parliament and the PM response

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Reports demonstrate that abominations have been submitted in the Tigray district. Despite the TPLF publicity of embellishment, any fighter liable for assaulting our ladies and plundering networks in the area will be considered responsible as their central goal is to ensure.”, he said.

Head added saying: “TPLF dismissed the Administrative Boundaries and Identity Issues commission at its initiation since they realized very well what they’ve done previously. Regardless, there are lawful intends to address contested issues and will be tended to appropriately.”

As indicated by the Premier, 1.8 million individuals in Tigray have been living on the wellbeing net throughout the previous 20 years while likewise under TPLF’s authority.

“Likewise, COVID 19, desert beetle multitudes, and different difficulties tormented the Tigray area while TPLF drummed a conflict story. This was lost and inopportune presumption.” Prime Minister Abiy noted.

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