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The rank of the Ethiopian military

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The Cardinal of the Catholic Church Ethiopia, its significance Berhaneyesus Surafel, and the deputy director of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie consent to the arrangement that deals with the gathering and the relationship of the city autonomously. The coordinated effort of aides as the Ethiopian Catholic Church is central to back off money-related difficulties over there and improve occupations from low-pay tenants, to like the obligation of the ADDIS ADBA Diocese of the Congregation in such away.


Financial troubles in the city are not sounded with the solitary obligation of the public force, said the representative executive, considering different associates to follow the occasions of the Catholic Church and play their proposition to advance the places of penniless people. The agent urban executive, Adanech, offered significant thanks to the Catholic Church for his drive to help the low-pay occupants of the capital.


The Eminence of Him Cardinal Berhaneyesus Surafel, to the piece of him, appreciated shared thought of the endeavors that embrace the relationship of the city. According to the agreement, the Catholic Church Ethiopia will join a huge cake stick with a transport cutoff of 150,000 cuts of normal routine bread, 8 Kindergartens, Auxiliary Schools, and Specialized and Professional Establishments that set up the creation of assets and the creation of occupation. Tries from the city of Addis Ababa.

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