Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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The reality at Woldia

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The truth in Woldia. Demonstrators in Bahir Dar City have held notices with trademarks, for example, “No More Perpetration against the Amhara People”, “We Fight for Wellbeing of Ethiopia”, “Unfamiliar Powers will quit Meddling in Ethiopia’s Internal Issues”, “Passing is impending to those Conspiring against Ethiopia,”, among others.

Occupants of Bahir Dar further condemned is being dedicated by the fear-based oppressor association in the Northern and North-Eastern pieces of the country. Allies in Debre Birhan town likewise denounced aggressiveness and unfeeling assaults by the psychological militant TPLF powers against regular folks in different pieces of Northern Ethiopia.

The reaffirmed solid help for Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara Special Force, and Militia and Special Forces of the territorial expressed in protecting the power of the country from dangers of the TPLF bunch. A large number of inhabitants of Bahir Dar City and Debre Birhan town have rampaged to show faithfulness to the call from the territorial state to assemble against the hostility of the TPLF psychological militant association.


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