The reason I stopped using shampoo and conditioner

I primarily stopped by mistake, but now that I realise how detrimental shampoo was to the condition and appearance of my hair, I don’t think I’ll ever start again. It’s quite easy to stop using shampoo—you just do it. You don’t need specialised items, herbal treatments, shamans to bless your hair, or any of that. I know it’s alluring to think you do. Simply cease using it. The phase of adaption is the difficult part. Your hair may take a week or more to adjust, depending on how long it is, how healthy your diet is, how well you sleep, how naturally oily it is, and other health-related aspects. Your hair becomes oily, flat, greasy, smells horrible, your scalp itches, and you generally don’t look too appealing during that period. This is the main reason why people give up. Around the first week, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable, think “Nat must have been wrong,” and go back to the shower to chemically torture your hair into submission. The adjustment period will pass, however, and your hair will get to the point where you just need to rinse it with water once every two to three days to keep it looking good.

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