The reason Silenat and BBoy Tommy separated

Every person who voluntarily enters into a relationship will occasionally face difficulties. Any relationship issue, no matter how great or minor, can be resolved through open communication, respect for one another, and compromise. Learning how to talk about relationship issues peacefully and working to find solutions without divorcing is beneficial for couples. But occasionally, disagreements or unaddressed concerns might result in a breakup. It’s crucial to know how to handle relationship issues and when to maybe end a relationship. One of the most frequent issues that lead to tension in a relationship is money. Different spending habits, financial resources, and perspectives on the value of money are only a few examples. Another issue that can lead to tension in a relationship is time management differences, especially when it comes to creating time for one another. It can be difficult to strike a balance between time spent alone, time spent with your spouse, time spent with friends, and time for other obligations. As a relationship develops and becomes more serious, expectations may also shift. A crucial component of a healthy relationship is having a clear understanding of what you need and communicating it to your spouse, especially as your needs and wants change. You can battle with resentment or envy if your partner doesn’t make time for you. Likewise, if your partner wants you to be together all the time.

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