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the reason tariku baba has apologized

Kalkidan claims that she has forgiven her spouse tariku. He pledged to be a better man, she claims. Breakups, like the emotions that accompany them, are complicated. The normal reactions to the end of a relationship are relief, perplexity, despair, and mourning. Even if everything goes smoothly and effectively, you’ll probably have some unpleasant feelings. It can be tough to avoid running across an ex-partner after a breakup. It may be more difficult to keep your lives distinct if you live in a small town or know a lot of the same people. Setting clear communication boundaries for the future can help you both cope with the split. Even if you both know you want to retain your friendship, it won’t hurt to spend some time apart. Spending time with friends and taking a break from chatting will help you both begin to heal. This, she believes, allows you to focus solely on yourself. It may also help you avoid the harmful habit of providing emotional support to your ex-partner, thereby prolonging the breakup. If you want to remain friends, but your ex refuses to communicate with you, you must respect his or her preferences. Do not contact, text, or beg them to engage with their friends on your behalf. You may miss them tremendously, but failing to respect their boundaries will almost surely put any future friendship prospects in jeopardy. Alternatively, if your ex calls, don’t feel obligated to answer, especially if you’re not ready to talk. This may be difficult, particularly if they appear vulnerable or express feelings similar to yours. Remind yourself that you’ll need time and space to handle those painful emotions, so wait until the no-contact period is through. If you want to try friendship again after some time apart, keep an eye out for old patterns and tendencies. Maybe you rest your head on their shoulder while watching a movie, or they ask for your help while they’re in trouble.
These habits aren’t harmful in and of themselves, but they can produce a lot of uncertainty and distress. You must act like friends if you want to retain your friendship with your ex.

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