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The reason we separated was so silly

You shouldn’t let your dread of the future after getting divorced stop you from going through with it. There are many family separations. In this experience, you are neither unique nor would you be.
The spouse seeking a divorce in Maryland does not need to demonstrate that there was marital injustice because the state allows no-fault divorces. If you want out, you don’t need to wait until the other person does something bad to file for divorce. Even mutual consent or a voluntary separation may be sufficient grounds for a no-fault divorce. Consider seeking outside help if you find yourself making gestures toward desiring a divorce but haven’t yet taken the plunge. Obtaining a third party’s opinion on your issue may provide answers you hadn’t thought of and help you get ready for future separation, if it turns out to be the best course of action. Your marriage is probably over if you avoid your spouse on a regular basis. Usually, people avoid having a disagreement with their partner because they either don’t care enough about the issue to want to fix it or they are worried for their mental or physical health if they do. You should file for divorce if you feel too threatened by your husband to ever be who you truly are without fear of ridicule or violence. You always go to your best friend to discuss amusing rumors or terrible news when you hear it. When your spouse is neither that partner nor a friend, it’s time to file for divorce.

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