The reply from Matiyas…I didn’t know this could happen in minutes

Relationship disagreements can stem from a variety of situations, ranging from small, everyday disputes like who does the dishes to major problems like adultery. In addition to money, family obligations, and uncertainty, other typical relationship pressures include emotional blockades, lack of commitment, and loss of attraction and passion. Relationship stress is also impacted by stress in other aspects of our lives: Stress spreads easily when you’re dealing with disagreement with friends or family or when you’re just tired and upset after work. To improve your relationship, you need to understand how to handle disagreement in all facets of your life. The first step is obvious since you’re now reading about how to save your relationship: you have to want to save it. Seated in a coffee shop are you. Two couples are seated next to you in the shop. The couple bickering to your left is not sure if they want to go out to supper with their pals. You mentioned it yourself the last time: it’s never fun. Since they are my friends and you have never given any of my friends a chance, it makes sense that you would say that. Here we go, he adds with a very sarcastic roll of his eyes. Our own edition of War and Peace, whichever volume it is. They turn their backs on one another and remain silent. You and your partner can align on values and outcomes through conflicts. These are opportunities to recognize, value, and accept diversity.

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