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The response of Artist Esitehiwet Abebe

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Since the time Abiy Ahmed was introduced as Prime Minister in 2018 by the then decision EPRDF party, following the 2016-2018 famous distress, Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been persistently encountering monstrous relocations, political brutality, clashes, and battles of shifting scales. Albeit the fierce conflict in Tigray has appropriately eclipsed the continuous savagery and monstrosities across Ethiopia because of its scale and power, different districts of Ethiopia have not seen much in the method of harmony and security. To completely see the value in the scale and the power of the public disturbance and the critical ramifications for the eventual fate of the country, it is significant that the heightening example of viciousness across Ethiopia is seen as a continuum, exhibiting the bombed authority of Abiy’s administration.

The continuous furnished struggle in Tigray was gone before by Intra common brutality and huge inner removals in the Gedeo, Somali, Oromia, and Amhara districts. Indeed, Tigray was the lone area that was reliably steady and quiet until the breakout of an all-out struggle on November 4, 2020. Indeed, even now, there are progressing clashes, savagery, and relocations in Oromia, Amhara, SNNP, Benishangul Gumuz, and different districts, which will have significant orientation on Ethiopia’s future and possibilities as a practical and stable country. Ladies and youngsters keep on enduring the worst part of these gigantic removals and savagery as around 16 million Ethiopians need compassionate help. However much I censure the staggering outfitted struggle in Tigray, I likewise unequivocally decry every one of these continuous abominations and savagery on regular people.

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