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The result of wrong delegation….I didn’t only lose my house but….

Contrary to what some may say, dancing in the flames of a burned bridge is a terrific motivator to work harder and keep moving forward. Burning bridges is a great method to stay up with the rat race. Unfortunately, there are instances when it is necessary to reconstruct a destroyed bridge in order to further the greater good. Here are some strategies for mending a damaged relationship. A brief invitation or a simple “Hi” is sufficient to start a conversation. Depending on how they blocked you, you might also need to mention who you are in addition to the fact that you sent them a message. This is all that needs to be stated; refrain from saying anything further (or sending more than one message in total) until they react. Otherwise, you’ll come out as irritable. Once a discourse has begun, take advantage of it by being open, direct, and honest about your goals. This will demonstrate your regard for the other person and aid in mending the previously damaged trust. Never assume that someone can read your mind because, in actuality, no one can, no matter how much you concentrate on communicating thoughts. You’re trying to mend a damaged relationship because you either need something from them or care about them. Even if you desperately need something, put the other person’s needs before your own. He or she will be more willing to assist you if you demonstrate your concern for them. Put aside all of your old problems since they belong in the past. You can talk about the problems you encountered in your prior relationship attempt, but concentrating on them will only make matters worse. Close the gap between the two of you and quickly heal your rift.

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