The right way of using Qasil facial mask

Following the proper skincare routine is essential since your facial skin requires and merits specific care and attention. A few of the many factors that might harm the health of your skin are dust, filth, pollution, poor diet, and hormonal fluctuations. This ultimately hides your innate beauty and undermines your confidence. Yes, taking good care of your skin is easier said than done, but with the appropriate skincare routine and knowledge of your skin type, you may attain the desired satisfaction for your facial skin. Let’s now look at one of the best methods for making a qasil face mask that is suitable for all skin types. Additionally, qasil powder is entirely natural and organic, so you may use it with complete trust in your skincare routine. A Somali woman will tell you that qasil powder is a Somali skincare secret that has been used for centuries if you ask her what her secret is for younger, brighter skin. You must combine qasil powder and turmeric with warm water in an equal amount (1 to 2 tablespoons will do). Simply said, you need to make a consistent paste that may be used to conceal your face. Then, just apply it to your face and give it 15 to 20 minutes to work. Your facial skin will be delighted when you rinse it off. It is well known that raw turmeric is the best exfoliator for skin brightening and is very beneficial for facial skin.

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