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The sad death of a young talented musician, Estena

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Estena, was a youthful, kind, and gifted young lady who as of late got determined to have terminal Cancer . At a youthful age, Estena was as of late raced to the emergency clinic subsequent to feeling some serious agony in her back/stomach. After numerous tests and sweeps, she was educated regarding her conclusions and given a time period of life. Hard and crushing news to bear for her and her family who are doing everything possible to track down a recuperating arrangement.

Estena presently lived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and going through worker clinical medicines. She has been encouraged to begin chemotherapy in the coming days and likely medical procedures. With restricted assets and costs in Ethiopia, costs for these medicines are difficult to oversee with no protection or without forthright money installments. Thus we modestly request your help and help with anything you feel good giving.

Estena was low maintenance artist who appreciated cause work and taking an interest in numerous different associations in Addis. She is a family lady who aided help her family from her profit raised her kin and cousins. She carried on with an extremely spotless existence of no drinking or smoking which made her conclusions significantly harder to bear for all around her. She will be remembered fondly, Rest in harmony.

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